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You may sign up via phone number or Facebook. If you sign up by phone number, you'll need to enter a verification code received via SMS and password to proceed.

Log in

To log in via Facebook, you’ll go through the same process as signup. If you’re to log in via phone number, you can enter your phone number and password to do so.

Forgot password

If you’ve forgotten your password, tap on the Forgot Password link and you’ll receive a verification code via SMS to verify your account, then you’ll be able to submit a new password.

Check in for rewards

Check in every day to receive more Gold Bars!

What are the topics?

The topic categories and topics of variety, from romance & relationship, family & education, everyday life & news to work, are updated by 8attle Team regularly.

How to start a 8attle?

Tap the Camera button, pick a topic and your answer to initiate a 8attle. Once another user joins as a Broadcaster within the countdown time, the 8attle starts.

How to join a 8attle?

Find a 8attle Room with one or two broadcaster(s) on live, and tap on the answer to the topic to join the 8attle.

What can you do as a broadcaster?

You may send public comments, switch camera orientation, use beauty camera, mute/unmute mic, receive gifts and gain likes from audience.

What can you do as a viewer?

You may send public comments, give likes to the broadcaster(s), share the current Room via other platforms, send gifts to boost broadcasters’ energy level, or queue up to join as Broadcaster next.

How to watch a 8attle?

Find a 8attle room with one or two broadcaster(s) on live. Enter the Room by tapping ‘View’ to watch a 8attle.


Comment in a 8attle

Whether you’re a broadcaster or a viewer, you can broadcast comments to everyone in the 8attle Room.
Give likes & gifts in a 8attle

As a viewer, you may tap on the screen to give likes or Gift button to send the broadcaster in the bigger window gifts.

Follow a user

Tap on any user’s profile and the Follow button to follow the user, tap again to choose whether to unfollow the user.

Virtual Currency

Gold Bars are used as a currency for purchasing gifts in the app. Gold Bars can be purchased/recharged as various packages within App Settings or when you’re about to purchase a gift within the app. Purchasing Gold Bars also helps the user accumulate Experience Points.

You may purchase gifts with your Gold Bars, and send these gifts to another user for conversion into energy.


When do you give gifts

To boost broadcasters during a 8attle and help them win.

How do you buy gifts

You may buy gifts in a 8attle or in Settings.

How to earn & claim

When you’ve accumulated 3000 Unclaimed Energy, you may go to your Account to claim money from the Energy Balance via bank or PayPal for Hong Kong users, and PayPal for other regions. The claimed amount will be deducted from your Energy Balance in your Account after each claim. Please be noted that a handling fee of HK$8 will be charged from your claimed amount for bank transfer; a handling fee will be charged by PayPal from your claimed amount for PayPal transfer.

Importance of gifts & energy

The gifts received automatically convert to Energy which can then be claimed as money when you have 3000 Unclaimed Energy.


How to level up?

As you watch a Live 8attle, go on a Live 8attle, purchase Gold Bars or give gifts, you’re accumulating Experience Points. Reaching a certain number of Experience Points will bring you to the next level up, so we do encourage you to participate in 8attles and send more gifts!

Why do I want to level up?

As you level up, you’ll receive Gold Bars as rewards which allow you interact more in 8attles and accumulate more Experience points.


All the topics you see in 8attle are hot topics handpicked and regularly updated by 8attle Team.

*Pick a song for me to sing

*Draw & Guess

*Vocabulary memory game

*Who has the funniest joke?

*Mock a celebrity!

*Guess the riddles!

*Beatbox 8attle

*Natural makeup contest

*Fantasic magician

*Black stories

*Extreme eating, drinking, playing!


Let us know what topic you’d like us to feature next via